About Us

Australia’s growth as a nation over the decades has spawned some great prosperous cities. This growth has resulted in extravagant cities that are now noticeable on the world stage. Great Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide have cemented their own unique identity and culture. Great wealth has brought with it breathtaking luxury apartments and it is all available to the Australian people and travellers from abroad.

When booking for luxury apartments ourselves, we found that we had to scour though countless booking websites for hours just to locate the apartments that met our needs. This was far too cumbersome a process. There is such a big hype around cheap accommodation nowadays, we thought, “where do we go just to locate the best of the best in accommodation?”

The Aussie Penthouse project commenced almost immediately after the realisation that was no single source of Australian Penthouse apartments. Soon after this discovery, the Aussie Penthouse website was born. And now, we present to you the greatest selection of Australian Penthouse apartments available.

Come in and browse through the finest selection of Australian Penthouse apartments on offer. We are certain you will love them!